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Breast Cancer Survivor Advice: Keep The Faith

October 16, 2017

Often we find support, hope, solace and inspiration in the experiences of those who have previously walked the same path we do. 

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For those newly diagnosed, or struggling with their diagnosis, take heart in the stories and advice of these Hartford HealthCare employees. 

Name: Denise Little

Title: CNA

Work location: Jefferson House

Age at breast cancer diagnosis:  47

Date of diagnosis:  April 14, 2013

What do you look forward to? I look forward to living a healthy life and being surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. I look forward to caring for residents at my place of employment, which is one of the reasons I have decided to become a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA).

What’s the best advice you would give a woman who is diagnosed with breast cancer today? Never give up. There is life after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Keep the faith and know that our God is a healer!

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